Dignity in Home Health Care

The problem with in-home monitoring often is the word “monitoring.”

When people hear the word monitoring they often think of “watching,” “tracking” or even something more invasive like “bordering.”

The future of home health care should be focused on one word:


The basic reason people want to age in place is to maintain independence, be around what they know and love and, at the very least, maintain their dignity.

Dignity is a powerful word and can be forgotten when discussing in health care. Health care has been contrary to dignity because historically medicine has looked at bedside manner as secondary in importance to the overall health of the patient. What technology can do today is offer the “and conversation” for providing a monitored environment and allowing people to maintain their dignity.

It’s about the environment getting smarter around the senior to help your loved ones keep their dignity.

The future of aging is bright and includes the future of living in the place you have come to know and love with dignity.

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