The Technology Bridge

Mom and Dad are getting older, but they are doing great. Healthy, vibrant people who helped make you who you are today. Then, out of the blue, you get one of those calls with news of a health scare that goes along with getting a little older. A mild stroke, a fall or an accident can change the rest of their lives and yours.

How do you make sure you take care of the people who have taken care of you your entire life – without busting their trust? How do you say, “Mom and Dad, let’s take some precautionary measures for your safety now while you’re still in great shape?”

This can be one of the most awkward conversations between a parent and child. However, the reality is that no one wants to find their parent in a “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up” state.

Technology can be your bridge.

Baby Boomers have had technology in their lives and have watched how much technology has changed the quality of life more than any other generation in history. Adopting some of those new technologies is the way to get some monitoring into their home while maintaining a trusting relationship and providing you some piece of mind.

A tablet PC and a smart phone provide the opportunity to connect with the grandkids. They also are a great chance to offer fall monitoring, a glucometer and a wireless scale to help offer an insight into their daily health.

Skype offers the chance to catch up on the grandson’s soccer game, and also can be the bridge for knowing whether or not the stove was left on too long.

Small – non-invasive – technology changes give Mom and Dad the chance to stay in their home longer and safer while also staying more connected to family and friends.

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