New Product Pilot: BEAM – Basic, Everyday Activity Monitoring

We currently are piloting a new service offering. BEAM is a new approach to Basic Everyday Activity Monitoring (BEAM) for your loved ones.

You want your loved one to live as independently as possible – as long as they are safe. BEAM helps you ensure safety through the convenience of your smartphone. They have independence; you have peace of mind anywhere, anytime.

BEAM is easy to use and install with no cables to pull or fancy wiring required, no apps to install and no programming. The BEAM system consists of a set of wireless sensors that you can set up in your loved one’s home in about an hour. A remote basestation then collects data from those sensors and sends the status using the home’s broadband router. That data is monitored, and reports are available to you, 24/7.

The service includes unlimited monitoring and instant notifications when the unexpected occurs.

Typical activities that can be monitored:

–Preparing meals
–Visits to the bathroom
–Night time restlessness
–Sundowners / wandering
–Safety (such as detecting if a hot stove is unattended too long)

With BEAM you are giving your loved one:

–More dignity
–Independence and more freedom
–Less intrusion

And giving yourself less fear and anxiety, thanks to:

–Anytime, anywhere monoitoring
–Simple, easy to use technology
–Knowing your loved one is safe

Supporting your loved ones is as easy as connecting to our team.

BEAM is currently being piloted and will be available by December 2012.

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