Empowering Technology for Seniors

Many senior citizens in today’s modern age still carry the thought that they will never enjoy their lives once they become old and dependent. Being stuck in an apartment all alone because of poor physical health does not help improve this thought at all – instead, it only aggravates it further.  An alarmingly high number of seniors believe that they are just waiting for their demise to come upon them. They are just waiting for the clock to reach its stop. In basic terms, they have lost all hope of a normal and positive interaction with other people. They have simply given up.

This thought process is the one that prompted different technology providers into helping senior citizens be inspired again. After all, senior citizens are also human beings who deserve inspiration. Seniors have an innate desire of being motivated again.

Seniors need to be empowered.

How then, will technology be able to play a vital role in the empowerment of senior citizens?  Here are a multitude of approaches to this dilemma:

Technology helps seniors interact with their loved ones.

The number one reason for being secluded and isolated is due to poor health problems. Degenerative diseases which naturally become worse over time prevent the seniors from ever deciding to go outside and enjoy the day. Difficulty of mobility can arise due to common elderly problems like arthritis and pain in the lower extremities.

The answer to this problem is technology. Nowadays, teaching seniors how to use the computer is becoming a common occurrence. After all, more than half of senior citizens are already deemed to be skilled in online communication. Wonderful programs which link a senior citizen with his loved ones through a video camera and a screen are readily available. Because of this, seniors can feel connected to their loved ones even when they are within the confines of their own home. They need not leave their apartments. Their loving family and caring friends are but a click away.

Interaction with people who love and care for them gives a dose of self-confidence and increases a sense of self-worth for the seniors. This feeling that technology brings about is the first step to being empowered.

Technology offers customization in the reading and overall learning process.

Gone are the days when seniors needed thick lens in order to read something. Because of the innovative ways that technology recommends, senior citizens can now be able to modify their learning without much of a hassle.

Wide gadgets containing larger text fonts and bigger pictures can assist seniors in reading the latest newspapers or the informative books. Technology empowers seniors in this way because they feel that they are more capable of reading by themselves.

Technology makes seniors powerful and in-charge. 

The simple user interface that these gadgets have makes the seniors feel that these are “intuitive”. Some seniors have rejected computers because they always felt that they “messed them up” but smart phones are a different story.

Senior citizens love the user experience that these gadgets give them. This means that senior citizens find it convenient to have these gadgets around since they think these gadgets already know what they want to do and how they want it to be done.

With the modern technological advances around, it’s rather easier to help senior citizens feel empowered – all it takes is a simple swipe of a finger and they’re ready to go.


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