Modern Grandparents Part 1

It is true that in this generation there are so many inventions and advancements when it comes to technology. There are cool gadgets everywhere; iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, GPS tracking device, and even books are now electronic or otherwise known as “e-book”. Imagine how advanced we are today. However, advancement does not stop the process of aging, it is just inevitable. Not even Einstein can create a formula to prevent this.

As we age, we can’t deny the fact that we are sometimes left behind by young people when it comes to technical things. However, as human beings, we also have the tendency to cope up, adjust and familiarize ourselves with new inventions. So being a senior citizen or a grandparent doesn’t mean you can’t handle new devices or gadgets. It’s just a matter of time and practice, and eventually you will learn to use the same gadgets your grand kids enjoy! Using gadgets are not just intended for young people; these are also intended for seniors so they can remain independent and able to maximize their capabilities with less supervision. Being able to relate to these new technologies with your children or grandchildren does not only impose better means of bonding, they can also promote greater means of staying connected with them.

There are thousands of gadgets our grandparents can use in their day to day lives. Gadgets are invented with different purposes; some are for leisure and fun while others are meant to make our grandparents live more comfortably. Examples of the things that are intended for leisure that some seniors are also using today are:

  •  Electronic Reading Devices – A popular example of this is the Kindle. Most of our grandparents love reading. So most young people tend to purchase electronic reading devices for their grandparents. It is simple to use, easy to download e-books and definitely provides great entertainment to most seniors. Being the parent or grandparent, you can help your children or grandchildren rediscover this. This is definitely a new way to make them feel how much you care for them. You can even ask your grandchild to read you a book from the e-reader or better yet, you can read it together. This will not only cultivate the reading culture in the family but will also promote a deeper connection.
  • MP3 Players – Yes, our grandparents certainly know how to use simple to operate MP3 players. This is to provide them the music they love and this device helps dissolve the gap between younger generations and seniors. Everywhere you go you will find kids with MP3 players walking down the streets oblivious of anything that is happening around them. As a grandparent, you can help your child or grandchild choose the right kind music and try to listen to it together.  You can also discuss the kind of songs each of you like, you may even get surprised about how similar you were after all.
  • Video Games – There are some video games intended to provide fun and at the same time to enhance the mental agility of our grandparents. Less than ten years ago, playing used to be on the field outdoors where children could engage in different sports together with their parents. The shared activities created a strong bond between parents and children. These days all the games have been restricted to indoors where video games are used to great extent.  For this reason grandparents can fell alienated since they haven’t integrated this concept.  This can change if they can get more involved especially in video games, the easiest way is to join their grandchildren when playing games and learn how to play. Any child enjoy showing off their skills especially to an older family member and it will be a great experience to bond and connect with the children.

There are so many hi-tech devices in the market that are intended for seniors. These seniors who are not afraid to try new things, use hi-tech gadgets to help them with their tasks are what we call our “Modern Grandparents”.

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