Modern Grandparents, Part 2

Aside from fun gadgets, there are also devices intended to help our grandparents maximize their capabilities; allow them to feel more independent and useful. Thanks to these advanced inventions, our grandparents can certainly enjoy life with comfort and ease, some of these devices are:

  • The Vital System – This is an advanced device used to monitor the health status of seniors or the disabled. This system monitors blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. What’s even better is it can detect and alert everyone in cases of accidental fall.


  • Electronic Wheelchairs – For our grandparents who are too old to walk or are disabled are now using electronic wheelchairs. They use remote controls to operate the entire wheelchair and some are even built for rocky terrain. This way our grandparents can still do their daily routines without much assistance from their caregivers.


  • Electronic Lifts – This is truly a helpful invention to our beloved grandparents. Since most seniors are having difficulties going up and down the stairs, some of them are now starting to use electronic lifts! This machine certainly makes their lives easy and comfortable plus it is surely fun to have a lift up and down!


  • Smart Beds – This is one of the best inventions when it comes to health monitoring. Some elderly people are now starting to use this smart bed. This bed is built with sensors to monitor the overall health status of our grandparents, this way everyone can sleep soundly knowing that our loved ones are doing fine while sleeping.


  • Door Knob Turner – This is a practical and useful gadget used by most elderly people. Since some are having difficulty turning door knobs, probably because of arthritis or low strength, this device makes turning door knobs possible. This was engineered to provide a stress free environment to our grandparents.


These are just few of the many advanced technologies our grandparents use. So you see? There are still seniors who get to enjoy their lives despite their age or disability. Some seniors are enjoying the latest technologies created for their safety and comfort. We also know that most of the best and hi-tech gadgets are intended for elderly people. These seniors who want to learn to use new, cool gadgets for fun and health reasons are truly admirable. Their way of living is not restricted and they are indeed our “modern grandparents”.


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