Be Responsible

It seems today people are all too comfortable giving up responsibility for their own life.  As a marketing and sales professional, this can be the most dangerous attitude.

Getting a solid feedback loop with the market is one the most important things to maintain as a marketer. I truly believe your customers will tell you exactly what they want.

Promise they don’t do it with their mouths.  They do it with their feet the referrals and most definitely their dollars.

Yes, customers will actually complain about the wait at a new restaurant, but insists that they and their friends go there because they have the most amazing bread, cooked fresh everyday.

They may be testy, but are charmed into being happy.

What does this  have to do with responsibility?  Many restaurant owners would take the stance, it’s not their fault they’re busy.  Instead of embracing this and continuing to create an even more exemplary experience for the time they are asking from the clients.

The truth is, people want a busy restaurant they just want to be valued for their time and money.

Yet shirking responsibility doesn’t allow you to get to that truth.

In a world where no one takes responsibility for anything. . . responsible can dynamically set you apart.

It forces you learn, forces you to be humble, forces you to create new solutions and it forces you to be better.

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