Basics of Aging in Place Technology

Aging in place is becoming an increasingly popular option for seniors worldwide. Simply defined, aging in place means that a senior lives in a place of his choice. Naturally, the definition does not stop there – seniors who choose aging in place as the option are also provided the needs that they need for every step of the way.

Nowadays, the benefits of aging in place are being used for marketing its services. The two benefits of aging in place are the following:

1. Maintenance of the senior’s quality of life

One might think that the goal of promoting aging in place is to contain a senior’s movement and limit his mobility. However, this is far from the truth! Aging in place is beneficial because it allows for establishing a solid plan in the health care of a senior. Because of it, the lifestyle patterns of a senior can be observed and duly modified, as needed.

For example, a senior having a hard time steadying himself when going to the bath room can be given a basic aging in place technology to assist him – grab bars. Now, instead of suffering because of lack of balance, the senior can just hold onto the grab bars and proceed with his business. Indeed, aging in place technology does not constrain a senior’s quality of life – it promotes it.


2. Support for the arising demand of elderly health care

Latest statistical findings suggest that a majority of seniors either live alone or with their spouse in their own home. Because the only population involved is seniors, no one else is available to supervise their health care needs for them. As a result, their quality of life goes down the drain.

To add salt to the wound, on the year 2030, there will be approximately 71.5 million Americans over the age of 65. Shockingly, this figure is double than the senior citizen population last 2000.

Because of the rise of the senior population, a health care challenge is presented – how can these seniors be cared for? The answer, of course, lies within the hands of aging in place, once again.

Now that the benefits of aging in place are defined, it is time for the focus to be shifted to the significant aging in place technology that aims to assist seniors in their achievement of quality of life.

Keep in mind that these technological inventions are not limited to digital devices – traditional gadgets will also be included in the list. After all, technology is but a product of science.

  • Temperature-activated flow reducer: This handy device is sensitive to temperature. It is important in preventing burn accidents as it turns off the flow of water if it has detected that the water is already too hot.
  • Shower seats: These seats are made for showering. They allow the senior to take a shower while sitting down. Obviously, these are padded with no-slip material to prevent falls in the shower.
  • Lever handles: These are used in doorknobs and faucets. Important because seniors have more difficulty in gripping, lever handles are easy to be installed.
  • Automatic counter tops: These are amazing gadgets that are installed for the senior to have easier access to use the counter surface without the harm of straining and hurting himself in the process by intuitively raising and lowering themselves.
  • Home automation system: This system comes in the forms of lights that turn on as the senior enters the room, basic security control for the senior’s house and user-friendly interface for home temperature control.

As aging in place technology continues to develop at an impressively fast rate, the products that may be available for senior consumption soon promise nothing but better home health care and superior senior quality of life.


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