Seniors and Technology: 3 Tips to make it Happen

There have been a lot of research studies done and statistical results uncovered in order for the general population to discern the relationship between seniors and technology. The findings of these various studies have been consistent every time: it is a popular concept that technology and seniors can mix together and live in a balanced environment.

Of course, with the challenges of home health care of seniors, it is no wonder that these seniors turn to technology as their only ticket to independent living. Gone are the days when we would worry about our elderly parents living by themselves. Now, we can simply check on their health status as technology aids us.

Naturally, with this increasing trend, seniors still find it themselves to be still within the loop. If technology can be easily accessed by the younger population, surely, seniors can handle technology as well?

As a result, seniors now purchase top-of-the-line gadgets like smart phones, tablet readers and portable laptops. Some of these seniors even kick it up a notch and decide to purchase gaming consoles. Truly, technology is slowly breaking the boundaries and making seniors more adaptive to their environment.

But then, do these senior citizens take the time to actually learn about these gadgets? While a lot of technological breakthroughs have been beneficial to seniors in terms of rehabilitation and treatment, there is no guarantee that anything a senior citizen wishes to buy will be conducive for his wellness, unless he chooses to learn about it.

With that in mind, seniors should keep in mind the following tips for seniors to work well with technology.

Get connected because seniors love to, not because they need to.

A lot of seniors face the pressure to be connected to social media platforms. Usually, this pressure is due to the coaxing of their kids who want to connect with them digitally.

While it is nice for a senior citizen to set up a Facebook or a Twitter profile, he should first examine his reason for connecting on the web. Does he really want to get in touch with the people he cares about? Or does he do it just to get his kids off his back?

Knowing the reason for using technology is important because the reason has to be powerful enough for the senior to push through with the learning process. As long as the seniors who use technology learn about it in order for them to message their loved ones easily, you can be sure that they will be more than willing to learn.

 Be willing to invest for convenience.

Senior citizens should do well and not dwell on the price of the gadget. More often than not, a lot of cheap gadgets are alright, but they are not necessarily the best.

Seniors should go ahead and skip on asking about the price – they should focus on the features of the gadget instead. Will it be convenient to use? Is it senior-friendly? Is it convenient? Does it have ease of access features? Will it still be around for the long term?

Ask advice from the best resources – the senior citizen’s family.

 Usually, it’s better for a senior to ask a family to help him up in setting up his gadget. Talking to customer representatives is a bit difficult because these agents follow a script – sometimes, these scripts can’t be customized to be understood by the older generation.

Find a teenager who can explain it in simpler terms. Don’t be afraid to ask for their explanation and advice – they are your family.

Yes, technology exists and it is interesting to dabble in it. At the end of the day, what really matters is if a senior was able to learn how to use it for his advantage.

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