Seniors Receptive to Communicating via Technology

Technology is a wonderful way of life that promotes novelty and innovation at the same time. It is a concept that is beginning to be recognized by all strata of the population. Actually, it is slowly becoming a fact that more seniors today, compared to the seniors in the past, are starting to get well-versed in the field of technology. Most seniors look at technology as their wonderful shining beacon of light, so it is no wonder that a lot of them resort to learning how to use it during their on-going quest for independence.


Yes, technology is beneficial to seniors with chronic illnesses during health care situations when old-fashioned tools just and conventional approaches just won’t make it. But did you know that technology also poses a possible advantage to tech-savvy seniors in terms of communicating and connecting?

You read that right. Seniors have decided to overstep the imposed limit and enter into the virtual world of social media and digital sharing websites. Majority of them have ultimately decided to take the plunge. What are some of the by-products of technology in which seniors have taken a liking to? We list them here:

  • Email, Facebook and Twitter: Although initial surveys have indicated that seniors prefer to use email because it is more direct and straight-forward, there is also ample evidence to show that more and more seniors are becoming comfortable in connecting via Facebook and Twitter, mostly because they want to connect with their children and grandchildren.  Now, more seniors are learning how to set up a profile, chat, tweet, mention the names of their online friends and tag photos.


  • Texting: Have you ever seen a senior carry a cell phone with him? Chances are you already have – well, you’re not alone. A lot of seniors have already taken a liking to owning a cellular device. Phones with larger buttons and wider screens are your best bet for seniors who have far-sightedness so that they may feel more at ease in using these devices. Seniors may type slower than your average person and their messages may be shorter than the usual text, but many of them are learning how to use it nonetheless.


  • Blogging: Now, a blog does not necessarily mean a platform for writing. Seniors who want to be able to express themselves and reminisce on their past experiences can use different blogging platforms which make picture posting a breeze. Some blogging platforms, on the other hand, just ask random thought-provoking questions that the senior can answer easily. Either way, more options exist in order for the senior to easily put his thoughts into substantial media.


  • Tablet computers: These devices are possibly the best you can give to seniors mostly because they can provide the most convenient options for browsing the web, texting, answering emails and logging in to social media platforms. These are portable, large and full of useful apps – what more can a senior ask for?
  • Skype: This communication software is popular to the general population because of its video call function and affordability. Seniors can feel more intimately connected with their loved ones because they can see them face-to-face, even if they’re far away. As for their loved ones who do not have computers, seniors still prefer to use Skype because it offers cheaper call rates, as compared to cell phone plans.


Overall, the senior market is another one that technology has successfully penetrated. As to what surprises will technological products have in store for its consumers, we can only wonder and offer a guess.

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