CreateAbility, Inc. Launches First-of-its-kind Communication Platform for People with Intellectual Disabilities

INDIANAPOLIS, October 15th, 2019 – CreateAbility, Inc., a technology company located in Indianapolis, recently launched its new communication platform, avatalk, that helps people in the circle of care of a resident with an intellectual disability, to quickly and anonymously ask any question of the resident.

“The issue”, according to Steve Sutter, President of CreateAbility, “is that people in the circle of care typically prefer to text when they want to quickly check in with someone. But this may not work in situations where the reside has difficulty texting or reading, or they are concerned that the person-served now has their cell phone number.”

Avatalk automatically renders the text message into a talking avatar to present the question and up to six answers to the resident, then converts the resident’s answer back to text to the remote individual. The technology was designed to provide a natural, non-intrusive mode of checking in on clients that is both engaging and commands response – as well as a provide agency staff with a platform they can use to get specific feedback on an efficient basis from individuals with Down Syndrome, autism, survivors of a brain injury, or older adults with dementia

Typical examples where avatalk may be used are: verifying that the resident is ready for pickup, took their medications, showered, returned home safely, secure during a storm, etc. This flexibility bridges potential gaps in understanding the residents’ health, safety, and satisfaction with their situation. This can provide an immediate solution for stop-gap coverage of the person-served, or supplement remote monitoring technologies.

“In a time when agencies are spread thin and healthcare is pushing toward more person-centric care plans, care providers are tasked with more responsibilities than ever.” States CreateAbility, Inc. President, Steve Sutter. “Avatalk gives them a tool that will allow them to check in with the people they serve and get quicker responses that are honed in tightly to the information they need to retrieve in order to perform their care of the individual more efficiently.”

For the resident, avatalk’s interface provides a less intrusive communication style that allows them to respond simply and efficiently. When in use, the app runs a personal slide show of their favorite places and people. When someone on their circle of care sends a question to them via text, an avatar (in which they have previously selected) will appear, ask the question aloud, and provide answers for them to select from. The answer they select is wirelessly transmitted and conveyed back as text to the care provider.
Avatalk will be available directly from CreateAbility by the end of October for Windows 10 and Android devices and will be available in the Android and Apple app stores by the end of November. Pre-orders are being accepted now at a promotional price of $74.95. To see a demo and receive promotional pricing on avatalk, please email

About CreateAbility, Inc.
CreateAbility strives to improve the dignity, security, and quality of life for people who are trying to maintain varying degrees of independence, but who need assistive technologies. Our mission is to create innovative products that help them flourish beyond their current capability. Our interactive health and safety monitoring software solutions help caregivers deliver an affordable blend of care, 24/7 that nurtures independence. We serve caregivers, agencies, and organizations devoted to helping older adults, people with intellectual disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health issues.

Kerri Pinger
Marketing & Sales Support Administration
CreateAbility, Inc.

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