A Word on Ageism from CreateAbility, Inc. President, Steven Sutter

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age. As a society, we tend to make the assumption that with age comes reduced capability and/or contribution based on a simple number.  Yet technically – aging begins in our 20’s, when cells begin dying off at a faster rate than new ones are produced. We don’t make negative or limiting assumptions about young adults based on the fact that the process of aging has already begun. It’s backwards thinking but at some point, we (myself, included) fall into the trap of judging someone by age.

Certainly, there is supporting evidence for this thinking; we see people almost daily who are not taking care of themselves, losing capacity and capability. But we also read about octogenarians completing marathons, or scaling Mount Everest. People late in life, yet sharp as ever, starting new things, leading breathtaking discoveries.

The point is, seeing anyone through any limiting lens is wrong, and robs us all of the ability to see someone’s inner beauty and value, and all of the things they have yet to accomplish.

It’s not an age, it’s a stage.  Some are lifelong learners who grow every day. Some maintain their earthly vessel way better (than I do); they can out box, out-think, out swim, and out run me. (The latter here actually causes me great envy!)

YOUR LIFE. It’s not about the quantity of years, It’s about the quality. And the ultimate goal is to love and be loved.


It’s not a sum, but how much you hum (your own song).

Not an integer, but how much you are a kindler of the flame in others.

Not an amount, but how you make every moment count.

Not about digits, but how much you push your own limits.


Get going – love, live, see the joy in others this season.


Merry Christmas,


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