COVID-19: Words of Encouragement and Complimentary Help from CreateAbility

Through these times, our very FIRST thought is of YOU.  The degree of selflessness you demonstrate as you care for groups of people with intellectual disabilities, some of which who may be high risk, while trying to maintain balance in your own lives does not go unnoticed. You are continually in our hearts and on our minds.

Our team has been brainstorming very hard on how we can utilize the technology we’ve built to help you through the COVID-19 pandemic. We realize that operations are not likely to be “normal” right now and you may have new responsibilities and requirements for you to manage. For that reason, we are reaching out to you today to let you know of a few ways that we may be able to help ease the burden:

  • Limited-time Loaner/free MeMinder apps to assist your clients with the prompts they need for COVID-19 mindfulness/tasks.
  • Limited-time Loaner/free Evalu8NOW apps to help you check in on clients’ health and emotional well-being between in-person visits.
  • By serving as your technology resource for the creation of ANY COVID-19 related solutions that would help you manage during this time.

This is by no means a time to be opportunistic; but an opportunity for CreateAbility to do its part in the COVID-19 efforts.

We appreciate you and would be humbled to serve you and can be reached by emailing We are sensitive to the immediacy of your needs and will respond to all messages within one business day.


The CreateAbility Team

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