Why Measuring Clients’ Emotional Well-being is an Important Part of Their Treatment Plan

A physician provides his/her diabetic patients with home glucose monitors to measure blood sugar and weigh the efficacy of prescribed meds and diet. Cardiologists issue blood pressure devices to keep tabs on their patients’ heart function between appointments.

But what do clinicians utilize to measure the progress, setbacks and successes of the mental health and well-being care plan of the people they serve and why is it so important?

At CreateAbility, we have been arming clinicians these fields with avatar-led, web-based assessments and interventions, called Evalu8NOW, and afforded them the ability to collect real-time data on their clients’ health and emotional well-being between in-person/face-to-face visits.

Evalu8NOW’s data is yielding several valuable factors that organizations are utilizing to reshape the way they typically interacted with clients. Clients are responding well to Eval8Now’s convenient and neutral surveying environment and clinicians are both extracting honest feedback – and receiving high rates of participation. Here’s a few examples of how they are utilizing its data for the greater good of their clients, as well as their business:

The system is allowing them to check in on a person’s treatment plan at a much higher frequency than previously practical, yielding setbacks and successes that they otherwise were not transparent to them. This additional information allows them to:

• Verify efficacy of treatment plans and monitor what’s working and what’s not.
• Integrate care, additional communications, and/or services that optimize the treatment plan.
• Identify key indicators that help staff ward off client meltdowns; also providing avatar-led interventions to keep them calm until staff can reach  out to them.
• Help ward off unnecessary ER visits.
• Increase efficacy of treatment plan by optimizing person-centric customizations; often times shortening the length of rehabilitation or treatment process.
• Increasing customer/patient satisfaction.
• Simplifies documentation and reporting.

Consider the following questions:

How could you harness the power of data in your business?
What would you monitor if you had eyes in the home?
What would benefit your treatment plan to monitor between check-ins with your clients?

CreateAbility has several out-of-the-box assessments for easy-implementation and quick deployment or, you can utilize the Evalu8NOW platform to work with our team to create your own assessment. We’ve created technologies that support your initiatives for 20 years and would love the opportunity to bring your vision to light.

Contact us at info@createabilityinc.com to explore what Evalu8NOW can do for you or to chat about your organizational goals.


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