New App Will Help DSPs and Staff Work with Individuals with IDD and Behavioral Challenges

DSPs and support staff members’ jobs are not just to keep their clients safe and healthy, but to also work with them on establishing goals for themselves and working to achieve them. Often times, people with IDDs also have a dual diagnosis; another behavioral challenge in addition to their intellectual developmental disability. Behavioral challenges can flare up during this goal setting process and hinder the individuals from achieving whatever it is they set out to do.

CreateAbility, in partnership with Dr. Julie F. Brown of Skills System, Inc. are nearing the last phase of development for OnTracker; an app that allows persons with IDDs to check in multiple times per day to gauge whether their thoughts and actions are aligned with their current goals. By running on popular Apple and Android tablets, OnTracker is a 24/7 coach to help them check in a self-regulate after experiencing an emotional triggering event, such as a conflict with a roommate or co-worker, or missing a bus on a rainy day.

After rating their feelings, the app enables them to employ the appropriate ‘skills’ to help them independently cope with their situation. The 9 skills include:

  • Clear picture: Helps persons being served notice what is happening inside and outside of themselves at that moment.
  • On-Track Thinking: Helps persons being served think clearly about what they want and what will work to help reach their goals.
  • On-Track Action: Once they get a clear picture and have On-Track Thinking, this step helps them do something positive to move toward goals.
  • Safety Plan: Persons being served plan how to handle risky situations that are happening right now and may happen in the future.
  • New-Me Activities: Help the person being served focus their attention, help them feel better, distract them and help them have fun.
  • Problem Solving: Taking time to solve problems in the person being served life so that they can be happier and reach goals.
  • Expressing Myself: Person being served shares what is on their mind and their heart to help them reach their goals.
  • Getting it Right: Helps the person being served work with people to get what they want.
  • Relationship Care: Helps the person being served understand how to have with themselves and others.

The app will benefit people in day programs and in residential settings.

Should you be interested in participating in a pilot study or just wanting more information on OnTracker, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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