CreateAbility’s technical solutions integrate with a senior’s Plan of Care, help the caregiver generate documentation, and gives caregivers and loved ones, with proper permissions, warnings and alerts via their cell phone.  A web-based dashboard summarizes the status (Green, Yellow, or Red) of each individual, by their specific areas of support or concern. CreateAbility’s solutions have...
It is true that in this generation there are so many inventions and advancements when it comes to technology. There are cool gadgets everywhere; iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, GPS tracking device, and even books are now electronic or otherwise known as “e-book”. Imagine how advanced we are today. However, advancement does not stop the process...
Many senior citizens in today’s modern age still carry the thought that they will never enjoy their lives once they become old and dependent. Being stuck in an apartment all alone because of poor physical health does not help improve this thought at all – instead, it only aggravates it further.  An alarmingly high number...
We currently are piloting a new service offering. BEAM is a new approach to Basic Everyday Activity Monitoring (BEAM) for your loved ones. You want your loved one to live as independently as possible – as long as they are safe. BEAM helps you ensure safety through the convenience of your smartphone. They have independence;...
Today’s edition of Cleveland.com has a great article from The Plain Dealer’s Ellen Kleinerman on how to talk with your aging parents about their future. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:   Getting started: Few people think twice about getting life insurance, so consider preparations for growing old as your family’s insurance for the future,...
Mom and Dad are getting older, but they are doing great. Healthy, vibrant people who helped make you who you are today. Then, out of the blue, you get one of those calls with news of a health scare that goes along with getting a little older. A mild stroke, a fall or an accident...
The problem with in-home monitoring often is the word “monitoring.” When people hear the word monitoring they often think of “watching,” “tracking” or even something more invasive like “bordering.” The future of home health care should be focused on one word: Dignity The basic reason people want to age in place is to maintain independence,...
In a conference recently we were explaining the future of “home health care” from a technology standpoint. One of the caregivers objected that the technology would make the “care” less caring, and I think he brought up a good point. Technology is a tool, like a hammer or a wrench. Sometimes people like to package...
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