MeMINDER 3.3: New, Updated App Brings Additional Features That Improve Executive Function for People With IDDs, TBIs, and Dementia

INDIANAPOLIS, December 6th, 2019 – CreateAbility, Inc., a technology company located in Indianapolis, is preparing to launch a new version of their flagship assistive technology solution, MeMINDER 3.3.

Now deployed in 17 states, MeMINDER helps people with IDDs, TBIs, Down Syndrome, Autism, and Dementia build and/or keep their independence. From their IOS or Android devices, persons being served can get the alerts and instruction they need in the areas of personal hygiene, household chores, medication adherence, appointments and transportation details. Care providers can schedule daily tasks with ease and efficiently monitor progress and setbacks and adjust the level of instruction needed accordingly as well as assign supporting responsibilities to staff through the user-friendly dashboard.

The newest update to the assistive technology app, MeMINDER 3.3, is designed to improve executive function skills for the person being served; and to increase the ease of use and task verification for care providers.

The new features include:

• Sequencing: Create and modify multiple-step sequences and attach them to a Daily Item. These sequences could be used to create a detailed set of instructions that could describe in detail how to accomplish a complex task.

• PRE and POST scheduling: Caregiver will be able to sort “Daily Items” into PRE or POST groups. These groups will allow specified Daily Items to be visible only before, or after the user has accomplished their regular list of items for that day.

Alternate swiping: On the “Talking Pictures” view, the user can now swipe to the left or right to mark the item as completed.

• Photo Proof/Verification: A caregiver can now mark any “Daily Item” to require a photo to be taken when that item is completed off the user’s list. When the user swipes the item to complete it, a new camera icon appears that will allow them to take a picture with their tablet, and the picture is uploaded to the BEAM cloud when the task completion can be verified by care provider and/or job coach.

• Cloud Backup and Restore: Care providers/job coaches will be able to take a snapshot of any user’s data on that device and upload it to the BEAM cloud. If the user were ever needing to reinstall the app, they could restore their custom data, such as photos, audio recordings, and sequences from BEAM back to MeMinder.

Bug fixes and UI enhancements.

MeMINDER 3.3 update will be released end of December, 2019. CreateAbility’s tech support line call will be available to all current users to answer any questions or can reach tech support by emailing


About CreateAbility, Inc.
CreateAbility strives to improve the dignity, security, and quality of life for people who are trying to maintain varying degrees of independence, but who need assistive technologies. Our mission is to create innovative products that help them flourish beyond their current capability. Our interactive health and safety monitoring software solutions help caregivers deliver an affordable blend of care, 24/7 that nurtures independence. We serve caregivers, agencies, and organizations devoted to helping older adults, people with intellectual disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health issues.


Kerri Pinger
Marketing & Communications Manager
CreateAbility, Inc.

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